Jesus came to our garage sale today

Yesterday and today we had a garage sale at our house all day.  We are exhausted and there is still so much stuff to give up.  But before we take some time to sink into the couch and watch a movie (and both of us possibly fall asleep), I need to share about a great blessing that we received today.

An older couple came to our sale today, saw our Africa Inland Mission (AIM) poster and other signs stating that we are moving to Africa, asked some questions about what we are going to be doing, and then were on their way.  But then later in the day, a car pulled up, that same man walked back up our driveway, (and we were thinking, “hasn’t he already been here?”) and then he handed me a check that was a very nice donation and told me that he and his wife left our sale earlier and decided together that they would like to support us monthly–that they would like us to be their “missions project.”  I was floored and told him how wonderful it is when people who don’t even know us bless us with their support.  He then told me that the reason is really because of AIM.  Apparently many years ago, I think he said when he was in college, he had some sort of connection with AIM, but throughout the last several years they hadn’t seen or heard anything about AIM among all of the other missions agencies out there (and he rattled off several to me that he knew of), but then when they came to our garage sale and saw that sign for AIM, I guess it touched them and they were thrilled to see that AIM is still an active mission agency.  And that evidently caused them to feel that the Lord was leading them to support us. 

So now this new couple has come on board and is eager to help us and be a part of this ministry with us.  We couldn’t be more thrilled, and it will be wonderful to get to know this wonderful couple as we add them to our group of supporters and share our ministry with them.  What a joy it is to see God’s people come together to help us with our calling.  Praise God for the love that believers (even believers who do not even know each other) have for each other and for speaking into the hearts of others through even a simple garage sale.

It was hard to sell so many items that have sentimental value to me.  I grew very emotional and weary by the end of the day.  But the encouragement from this one couple really did wonders for my heart today.  They were being Jesus to me during a difficult time.  Thank You, Lord.  You knew just what I needed to keep my chin up.

Ashley 🙂



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2 responses to “Jesus came to our garage sale today

  1. Tiffany Carey

    Awesome story! Thanks for sharing.

  2. abby

    wow…how great is that?? I can’t imagine how hard it is for you to work through the sadness of parting with things that are important to you. You have such a sweet heart, Ashley. I wish we could be there to help you out! Miss you. Love you. xoxo

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